WellRabbit's founders

Founder Jeffrey Hendricks

Jeffrey Hendricks, M.D., CEO

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks has an extensive research background in nutritional biochemistry and epigenetics and has developed over 1,000 nutritional products for companies in the U.S. and around the world. After spending four years at the University of Michigan’s Human Genetics Lab, he conducted research at the National Institutes of Health’s Laboratory for Gene Transfer. He’s served as a medical director in family medicine, integrative medicine, and occupational medicine, and is an advisory board member for many U.S. and international companies. The inspiration to start WellRabbit came about when helping his sister beat breast cancer, in which she took integrative medicine throughout her cancer treatment and never became ill. With WellRabbit, Dr. Hendricks has made it his mission to ensure those who are searching for quality nutritional supplements have a place they can trust. Dr. Hendricks’ clinical experience includes the treatment of over 50,000 patients, and his background, experience, and commitment to quality ideally suit his role as the Chief Executive Officer of WellRabbit.

Chairman Mark Sher

Mark Sher, Chairman

Mark Sher started his career after college by working on the production floor of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and worked his way up to being the production manager in one year's time. Four years later, he worked in another department with the quality control laboratory to fulfill his passion for learning about raw materials in the chemical industry. Then, four years later, he moved to the quality assistance department to work on cGMP compliance, FDA regulations, and product label claims. After ten years in manufacturing, dealing with quality and compliances, and developing thousands of products, Mark started his own manufacturing facility where quality is everything. Mark joined WellRabbit because WellRabbit has the same focus on quality to make a healthy difference in people’s lives. He will use his knowledge and expertise to ensure that all supplements sold through WellRabbit are of the utmost quality.

President Nick Wiegand

Nick Wiegand, President

Nick Wiegand has almost two decades of experience working in e-commerce, specifically in the medical and dietary supplement markets. He understands the importance and value that supplements can have on daily living. As a provider of those products, it is his duty to provide quality products to people. Nick has launched several brands from the ground up, successfully utilizing third-party marketplaces to help rapidly grow his business. Over the years, he learned the pros and many cons of dealing with large unregulated supplement marketplaces. There are companies that form overnight and offer counterfeit, substandard, or even dangerous supplements. Nick realized there was a need for a safe place for consumers, where products are vetted and companies are reputable, and is helping to make this a reality with WellRabbit.

COO Ryan Kogge

Ryan Kogge, COO

Ryan Kogge brings over ten years of experience in supply chain management and logistics technologies by working with the world’s leading third-party logistics providers, some of the largest brands in retail, and small, privately-owned manufacturing businesses. After graduating from Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, Ryan oversaw the picking and packing operations of a large retailer’s e-commerce fulfillment center that shipped thousands of orders to doorsteps worldwide every day. Later on, he became part of a small startup that created a reverse distribution center for a large e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailer. As the startup’s onsite IT and systems resource, Ryan gained experience managing the advanced hardware and software required to process almost $1 billion of inventory annually. Then, in his role as the Chief Executive Officer of a 120-year-old small manufacturing company, Ryan used his expertise to modernize the company’s practices and workflows. By designing, writing, and implementing a custom ERP software suite, Ryan established a set of KPIs and monitors to lead the business to increased productivity, reduced overhead costs, and improved operational efficiency. Ryan and the team at WellRabbit will ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately, assist new sellers with the onboarding process, and address any customer questions or concerns.

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