Energize Original Bar Chocolate - 25 Bars

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Picture of Energize Original Bar Chocolate - 25 Bars
Energize Original Bar Chocolate - 25 Bars


IMPROVE PERFORMANCE WITH POWERBARS: Designed with C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix to maximize energy delivery to working muscles to fuel high intensity workouts, games and competitions and improve your ability to perform longer and/or faster.

GROUNDED IN SPORTS NUTRITION SCIENCE: C2MAX is a 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose scientifically proven to deliver up to 50% more energy to working muscles compared to the gold standard, glucose.

THE ORIGINAL ENERGY BAR - PowerBar Energize was designed by athletes for athletes and has fueled a wide spectrum of athletes for more than 30 years including 2018 Boston Marathon winner, Desiree Linden has been winning with PowerBar for years. Tim Deboom, 2x Ironman world champion, fueled his wins with PowerBar along with many, many others. Now it’s your turn.

ELECTROLYTE REPLENISHMENT: With 190-230mg of sodium per bar, these protein bars help replenish sodium, the main electrolyte lost through sweat.

DELICIOUS HEALTHY SNACKS: Nutrition bar with great taste and suitable for vegetarians. PowerBar Energize bars come in 3 flavors (Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Berry). These easy to chew energy bars are a good source of magnesium and a great addition to a balanced diet. No artificial colors and no preservatives.

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