DMoose | Intra Workout | Watermelon - 20 Scoops

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Picture of DMoose | Intra Workout | Watermelon - 20 Scoops
DMoose | Intra Workout | Watermelon - 20 Scoops
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DMOOSE Intra workout supplement is an effective mixture of pantothenic acid and key electrolytes, which will help you gain the maximum benefits from your training. The intra workout supplement has been specifically designed to help to take the most rigorous and intense workouts, and to enhance your physical performance. The intra workout protein ensures sustained performance by regenerating ATP, which are energy-storing molecules that your body needs to increase energy, and enhance endurance. The supplement:

  • Fuels your toughest workouts
  • Enhances your physical performance.
  • Ensures sustained performance by regenerating energy-storing molecules
  • Improves mental endurance
  • Increases energy
  • Improves both in-and-post workout recovery

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Comment: I am still new with this product, but as of now, I will be a repeat user. The flavor is amazing, my energy levels while working out never seemed to diminish and I would add water as I was running low, and the flavor was still great.
Comment: I loved this product! It’s my go to for my intense leg or cardio days!
Comment: I bought this product on the recommendation of my husband's trainer. And they are both happy with the result!