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Alleviate is formulated to boost your antioxidants to reduce pain & inflammation by protecting cells and tissues from wear and tear. Whether you’re recovering from the gym, active in a sports league, or just walking up the stairs, Alleviate is a natural supplement designed to help your muscles and joints recover faster.

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Let's face it, our bodies are full of inflammation. Generally speaking, inflammation means pain. Whether your pain is from an injury, an illness, disease, or even exposure to toxins, 'Alleviate' has ingredients scientifically proven to boost antioxidants and reduce inflammation throughout the body, naturally. Our 3:2 ratio of 30mg of CBDa and 20mg of CBD plus is effective and strong.

Curcumin C3 Reduct is a patented blend of the tetrahydracurcuminoids with clinical research. Combined with the vine of cats claw, it cuts right into any aches and pains. Combining C3 Reduct with BioPerine shows a +2000% increase in efficacy.

We top this supplement off with our own proprietary terpene mix and two special ingredients Cannasorb and BioPerine designed to noticeably increase bioavailability.

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