Omnibiotics | Organic Milk Thistle - 120 Count

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  • ORGANIC: The milk thistle extract is made from organic and non-GMO Silybum marianum seeds.
  • VEGETARIAN AND CLEAN: The capsules are vegetarian-friendly and do not contain any gluten, dairy, soy, or artificial ingredients.
  • LIVER SUPPORT: Milk thistle has been traditionally used to support liver health and function.
  • SILYMARIN: It is believed that the active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, may protect liver cells from damage caused by toxins and other harmful substances.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Studies have suggested that milk thistle may also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Picture of Omnibiotics | Organic Milk Thistle - 120 Count
Omnibiotics | Organic Milk Thistle - 120 Count


ORGANIC MILK THISTLE 4X CONCENTRATE - We developed our maximum potency milk thistle extract utilizing an effective, proprietary seed extraction method. The result is one of the strongest liver detox supplements available. Studies show that higher concentrations of milk thistle are required for maximum absorption. This makes a high-potency supplement one of the keys to an effective liver cleanse or detox.

1500MG CAPSULES ARE 50% STRONGER - Our milk thistle supplement contains 50% MORE silymarin milk thistle extract in each capsule as compared to standard milk thistle 1000mg products. 1500mg organic milk thistle extract powder per capsule enhances bioavailability and ensures high absorption rates, making it superior to tea or powder, oil, softgels or tablets.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY CCOF - Our Milk Thistle went through an extensive qualification process in order to be certified as an organic product. Every ingredient in the capsule is 100% organic and sourced within the USA. All manufacturing is done within the USA in a NSF-certified, cGMP facility.

LIVER DETOX & COLON CLEANSE SUPPORT - Milk thistle has been clinically proven to support liver and gallbladder health. It directly supports the liver’s production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant used by the body to help remove toxins and neutralize free radicals. Milk thistle has been in use worldwide for over 2000 years, and has long been the #1 go-to for natural, effective detox and hangover support.

100% NATURAL, NON-GMO, NO BINDERS or ADDITIVES - Our clinical-strength Certified Organic Milk Thistle is a 100% natural powder, free of: gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, sugar, animal by-products, artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives and fillers.

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