Now Foods | Potassium Plus Iodine | Thyroid Support - 180 Count

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  • DUAL POWER: A unique dietary supplement that combines two essential minerals to support overall health and well-being.
  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED: The formula designed to provide the body with adequate levels of potassium and iodine, which are both crucial for various bodily functions.
  • QUALITY: This supplement is made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring maximum purity and efficacy.
Picture of Now Foods | Potassium Plus Iodine | Thyroid Support - 180 Count
Now Foods | Potassium Plus Iodine | Thyroid Support - 180 Count


POTASSIUM AND IODINE COMBINATION: Now Foods Potassium Plus Iodine combines two important minerals in one convenient supplement, ensuring you receive adequate amounts of both nutrients.

VITAL FOR OVERALL HEALTH: Potassium is an essential mineral that plays a key role in maintaining healthy bodily functions, including nerve and muscle function, fluid balance, and heart health. Iodine is crucial for proper thyroid function, which regulates metabolism and energy levels.

SUPPORTS ELECTROLYTE BALANCE: Potassium is an electrolyte that helps maintain proper fluid balance in the body, ensuring optimal hydration and preventing dehydration.

PROMOTES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Potassium is known for its role in maintaining normal blood pressure levels, thereby supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.

THYROID SUPPORT: Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones, which are responsible for regulating metabolism, growth, and development.

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