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Chromium polynicotinate | Vanadium | Pterocarpus extract ( PteroSol)| BioPerine | Women and Men | 60 caps | AFI VanaPhage

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BENEFITS - ???? Healthy metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and supports healthy lifestyle.

DOSAGE - ???? Take 1 capsule , twice a day with meals

✅ Quality- AFI Supplements products are manufactured , packaged and tested at US facility. This product is free from gluten, egg, milk, fish or tree nuts or other common allergens.

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AFI , America's Finest Inc brings Vanaphage, a unique product with chromium polynitocinate, Vanadium in form of BGOV or bis glycinato oxo vanadium, PteroSol as a patented extract of pterocarpus marsupium heart wood and powered by BioPerine a patented bioavailability enhancer from Black pepper fruit extract

✅ UNIQUE FEATURE- This herbal mineral combination contains Chromium polynicotinate, Vanadium , Pterocarpus (Indian kino tree) extract of Pterosol and BioPerine for superior bioavailability

✅ CHROMIUM- is essential trace element, which is in form of polynicotinate, which is an organic mineral and has better bioavailability . Chromium is an important essential trace mineral.

✅ VANADIUM-is an essential trace element which is in form of bis glycinato oxo vanadium form, a highly bioavailable form. Vanadium along with chromium is essential for good metabolism of carbohydrates or sugars.

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