Bionox | Arugula Super Cardio Greens

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Supercharged with Arugula and 33 Amazing Whole Foods!

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  • Arugula contains powerful, natural, and healthy nitrates - substances scientifically proven to support nitric oxide and that offer incredible cardiovascular support and health benefits.
  • You deserve more from your Superfood - more energy, vitality, and tangible results you can feel.
  • Arugula Super Cardio Greens is a great-tasting, natural blend of 33 amazing whole foods that supports the heart, brain, vision, and immune system like no other health supplement available today.
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Bionox | Arugula Super Cardio Greens


PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Arugula Super Cardio Greens is carefully crafted using premium-grade, organic ingredients and a natural blend of 33 amazing whole foods. We source the freshest arugula leaves from sustainable farms, ensuring you receive the full spectrum of natural nutrients and antioxidants.

HEART HEALTH SUPPORT: Our innovative formula offers extensive support for your cardiovascular system. The potent combination of arugula, spinach, and other nutrient-rich greens provides essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that contribute to a healthy heart and blood circulation.

ENERGY AND VITALITY: Arugula Super Cardio Greens provides a natural energy boost to kick start your day. Say goodbye to midday crashes and welcome sustained energy levels throughout the day. Feel revitalized and ready to conquer any challenges that come your way!

DIGESTIVE HEALTH: With added pre-biotic fibers and digestive enzymes, this formula promotes a healthy gut. Improve digestion, alleviate bloating, and enhance nutrient absorption for maximum benefits. Achieve a balanced gut flora and support overall digestive wellness.

ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE: The antioxidant-rich formulation of Arugula Super Cardio Greens helps combat free radicals and oxidative stress. By neutralizing harmful molecules, our product supports healthy aging and helps protect against various diseases and cellular damage.

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Comment: I think tastes very good and it’s a simple way to add greens to your diet. I add it o my smoothie in the morning. This is great because I’m not a breakfast eater, it’s usually a shake or smoothie
Comment: This is perfect for smoothies! I just add some into the blender with the rest of my smoothies fixings, blend it up and enjoy hidden nutrition in my yummy berry smoothies. I seriously can’t taste it at all, and my toddler hasn’t noticed that I started adding it, so I’d say it’s a definitely win!
I've been looking for a super greens powder to add to my protein shakes. This is so yummy! I was a little worried about the stevia because sometimes it can be overpowering. Thankfully it was very
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