Vita Chic | Buffered Magnesium Glycinate - 120 Count

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  • IMPACTFUL MIINERAL: From heart rhythm and bone density, to nerve function, blood pressure and blood sugar homeostasis, magnesium is truly an impactful mineral.
  • BIOAVAILABILITY: esearch has shown that magnesium oxide taken in combination with magnesium glycinate can improve the absorption of magnesium oxide, resulting in a magnesium formula that is both highly bioavailable and highly potent.
  • ONLY 2 CAPSULES: With our formula, this means taking just two capsules per day in order to enjoy the incredible benefits of magnesium supplementation.
Picture of Vita Chic | Buffered Magnesium Glycinate - 120 Count
Vita Chic | Buffered Magnesium Glycinate - 120 Count


SUPPORTS MUSCLE RELAXATION: Magnesium is known to help promote relaxation in muscles, making it an ideal supplement for individuals who experience muscle cramps or spasms.

PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP: Because magnesium is essential for maintaining healthy sleep patterns, Vita Chic's Buffered Magnesium Glycinate may help users achieve a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR: Magnesium is critical for maintaining overall cardiovascular health, and may help to reduce the risk of heart-related conditions such as high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

PROMOTES HEALTHY METABOLISM: Magnesium is essential for proper metabolic function, and may help to regulate blood sugar levels and promote healthy digestion.

MAY HELP TO REDUCE ANXIETY: Because magnesium has been shown to help regulate the body's stress response system, Vita Chic's Buffered Magnesium Glycinate may help users to feel calmer and more relaxed.

SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS: This supplement is suitable for vegetarians, making it a great choice for individuals with dietary restrictions.

BUFFERED FORMULA: Vita Chic's Buffered Magnesium Glycinate is formulated to be gentle on the stomach, reducing the risk of digestive issues that may be caused by other magnesium supplements.

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