Herbion Naturals | Chest Rub - 3.53 oz

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  • Formulated to help you breathe easier and feel better naturally.
  • The non-greasy texture ensures that the rub is absorbed quickly, leaving behind a pleasant aroma and a calming effect that lingers on.
  • Whether you are struggling with seasonal allergies or just want to feel better during a cold, this chest rub is sure to become your go-to product.
Picture of Herbion Naturals | Chest Rub - 3.53 oz
Herbion Naturals | Chest Rub - 3.53 oz


BREATHE EASY: Infused with eucalyptus oil, an ingredient traditionally used to help clear air passages and promote healthy breathing.

EASE JOINT ACHE: Our all-natural balm penetrates deep into the skin to provide much-needed comfort from muscle aches, joint pains, and sprains.

ADDED PROPERTIES: Contains clove oil which is long known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

MOISTIRIZING: Enriched with shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax, all of which contribute to moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

CONGESTION/COUGH SUPPORT: Perfect for use during cold and flu season, or whenever congestion and cough symptoms prevail.
Delivers a gentle warming sensation when applied on the chest, promoting relaxation and comfort during slee

CHILD SAFE: Herbion Chest Rub has a paraben-free, camphor-free and petroleum-free formula, which makes it safe and effective for both adults and kids two years and above.

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