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MDRC Badge Explanation

Medical Doctor Research Certified Program

WellRabbit offers a unique review and certification process that gives eligible products the special distinction of being medical doctor certified. Through the MDRC™ (Medical Doctor Research Certified) program, products will receive a certificate and have added credibility. Below is a list of reasons you should register your product today.

MDRC™ Benefits

Increase consumer confidence in your brand by showing a physician advisory board has reviewed your products.Strengthen your brand and stand out in a crowded marketplace.Certify formulas are based on sound science with significant evidence that ingredients used are in beneficial amounts and combinations and have efficacy studies and good biological plausibility.Ensure formula safety by storing products in a temperature-controlled warehouse, thereby avoiding extreme heat and keeping your products in top condition.

Recalls can be scary when it comes to items you ingest. To ensure you are purchasing safe supplements, always buy from WellRabbit. We research and MDRC certify all of our products before approving them for sale on our site.

Read more about why not buying your supplements from a reputable source can be dangerous by clicking here.