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Trust in Your Family

WellRabbit grew from sibling trust and a need to combat a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Jeff Hendricks shares his story.

“After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, my sister reached out to me. She needed help and wanted to utilize integrative medicine with the regimen her doctor provided. As we dug in and researched, we found a lack of quality information, and the supplements online were a gamble. As a doctor, I saw many supplements with inadequate ingredients to make a difference or too high of a dosage for safe consumption. The lack of oversite was concerning. How does the public know if something is right for them or could help them?”

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Trust in Your Doctor

"As a medical doctor, reputation is everything. I spend many days reading up on clinical trials and medical research to support patients, loved ones, and family! I want to recommend products based on evidence and products with dosages that make a difference. It is challenging for the general consumer to evaluate whether something is made correctly or at a safe, qualified, and certified manufacturer. The best way to do that is to see the facilities, review specification sheets, batch records, and certifications directly. Almost no one can do that independently from a logistics standpoint, plus most facilities will not allow it. These complications, along with a need for transparency, were what inspired me to create WellRabbit. All manufacturers need to meet strict requirements before any of their brands/products can be sold on our site.”

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Trust in Your Supplier

"Companies get good at what they focus on."

Everyone at WellRabbit is solely focused on health and nutrition. We eat, breathe, and sleep nutritional supplements and nutritional research. That is why national institutions ask Dr. Hendricks to help design and implement products for their clinical trials. Is a marketplace selling millions of items, like clothes, tires, and toys also the best place to purchase items critical to your health? We don’t think so. WellRabbit provides a space dedicated to only vitamins and supplements. We produce products according to the highest standards by qualified manufacturers who take pride in their mission to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.

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Trust in Your Supplements

As Dr. Jeff Hendricks recalls, “I remember auditing a batch record for a prostate support supplement. It contained over 38 individual ingredients in one capsule. The ingredients individually had some potential efficacy and biological plausibility. Still, the effort to put all of them in the same capsule meant that none of the ingredients were being used at the correct dosages. So, you had a supplement that looked good on paper but did not provide any benefits, rendering it useless. This is probably the most common mistake I see in the marketplace, wanting so badly to include as many ingredients as possible for marketing purposes and, in doing so, rendering the product completely ineffective. As a side note, this was, unfortunately, a top-selling product for a while, as the consumer was likely not aware of this issue.”

“You get what you pay for, so pay for something good.”

WellRabbit has high-quality products that are vetted for your health and wellness. When it comes to your health, don’t settle for less.

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