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HealthTree Foundation | Group 4 | Vita Miracle Ultra 50 Probiotics


HealthTree Foundation | Group 4 | Vita Miracle Ultra 50 Probiotics is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • 20X More Effective Than Probiotic Pearls And Tablets which get partially digested in the stomach and kill the bacteria before it can reach the intestines where it does its work. Island's Miracle patented probiotic supplement allow the live culture probiotics to live past the harsh stomach acid and into the intestines where they can thrive.
  • Guaranteed Shelf Life For The Best Probiotics Supplement of (Good Guy) Bacteria (Almost twice the # of strains and 2 to 6 times the number of CFU over the nearest competitors men’s or women’s probiotic) - Our highest potency probiotics for women men teens and kids is the most complete probiotics capsules with prebiotics anywhere.
  • Improve Your Overall Health & Increase Your Energy Levels - Most men’s probiotic with prebiotic don't address poor immune system and low energy levels due to the gut not absorbing nutrition essentials like vitamins and minerals properly into your body. ULTRA-50 Probiotics - will improve both men’s and women’s gut health and will align your system to get back to your happy energetic self.
  • Probiotic Supplements Taken Daily Can Help You Feel Better - Now when you take perfect probiotics supplements it can help digestion and GI tract function to reduce gas, constipation, and IBS. New studies available in America have shown that 50 Billion Probiotic may help improve digestion, fat loss, increase your metabolism, and shrink your waistline.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We back this best probiotics for men and women with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give this product a try risk-free today.