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Natures Home Pharmacy | Immune Support - 90 Count


POWERFUL MUSHROOM COMPLEX: With Turkey Tail, Lions Mane and Reishi Mushrooms for added immune system support. Turkey Tail is one of the most researched mushroom species and is known for supporting the body's immune system. Lions Mane optimizes the immune system and studies have identified a nerve growth factor in lion's mane that supports healthy brain and nervous system function. Reishi is also known as the immortality mushroom is recognized worldwide as a mushroom that supports longevity, health and boosts immunity.

BETA GLUCANS: Immune Support contains a powerful daily dose of beta glucan 1/3,1/6, precursors for glutathione support and immune system support. Scientific studies have shown that beta-glucans can interact with certain immune cells, including those present in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). The GALT exists in the intestinal tract and is known to play a critical role in healthy immune system function.

ZINC: Zinc helps keep your immune system strong. Because it is necessary for immune cell function and cell signaling, a deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response. Zinc supplements stimulate particular immune cells and reduce oxidative stress.

QUERCETIN: Quercetin is known for its antioxidant activity in radical scavenging and anti-allergic properties characterized by stimulation of immune system, antiviral activity, inhibition of histamine release, decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines, leukotrienes creation, and suppresses interleukin IL-4 production.

ELETHURO: By increasing immune cell production of the body, Eleuthero helps boost the immune system. When tested in an animal study, the root extract of Eleuthero was found to increase the levels of antibody molecules IgG and IgM which are responsible for protecting the body against microbes.

QUALITY: Natures Home Pharmacy is committed to formulating high-quality‚ hypoallergenic dietary supplements. Quality control during the formulation and manufacturing process is paramount. All NHP products are made with the most bioavailable quality ingredients possible.

IMMUNE STREGTH: Nature's Home Pharmacy Immune Support is specially formulated to enhance your immune system's strength, helping you fight off potential threats.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our unique blend consists of carefully selected natural ingredients known for their immune-boosting properties, including vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts.

ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE: Packed with antioxidants, this formula helps protect your body from harmful free radicals that can weaken your immune system.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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